Welcome to Continental Trust Services

Continental Trust Services, LLC is committed to the various needs of individuals affected by personal physical injury. We understand the complexities of settlement issues and the need for proper handling of funds to plan for future needs.

Continental Trust Services, LLC assists claimants by protecting their government benefits in light of physical injury settlements. Government programs are established to provide for the basic needs of individuals within certain income levels. The settlement of a lawsuit could jeopardize a person’s eligibility under government programs such as SSI and Medicaid.

For many disabled individuals who rely on these government programs for support, a settlement of a lawsuit could make their financial future unclear. We provide Special Needs Trust services to secure needs based programs while allowing the disabled individual the ability to improve their quality of life through Medicaid supplemental support.

We are also available for assistance in the settling of worker’s compensation and/or liability settlements involving future medical expenses. Continental Trust Services, LLC offers Medicare Set Aside and Custodial Accounts for the administration of medical expenses pursuant to 42 C.F.R. Section 411.46.

We offer professional Trustee services to relieve the family and care network of injured and disabled individuals, and ease the administrative burdens necessary to secure the right level of financial support to maintain a better quality of life.